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Fiyort Outdoor is a textile and accessories company that designs functional products with strong strength and presented to nature lovers' experiences, inspired by Norwegian fjords in 2015.

Today, products designed for more than 15 nature sports have fabrics and functional equipment suitable for different natural conditions. Our products are produced from waterproof membranes, breathable, high strength fabrics with welded seams.



  • Polyester ripstop fabric
  • 100% waterproof texture
  • Welding tape technic
  • Water repellency


  • Wind proof fabric
  • Wrinkle resistance
  • Fleece inner fabric
  • Providing temperature
Keeps Warm

Keeps Warm

  • Antipiling fleece fabric
  • Seasonal use
  • Thick and thin choices

Fiyort Vision

Inspirational perspective

Fiyort design teams create natural innovations with the inspiring reality of exploring nature in regions such as Norway, Greenland, Alaska. The unique sound of nature is the only source of inspiration for Fiyort designers.

Resilient product vision

Fjord puts the products designed for you to use in all conditions of nature, in a series of tests, the main basis of the tests is on water, wind and heat.

Fiyort Inspiration

Fjords are thin, long and steep gulf structures that are formed as a result of the glacial valleys of the seas in many regions of the world, especially in the northern regions, and that are inserted into the inner parts. When you investigate the formation and completion of fjords, you get an impressive result and offer a natural experience that you admire.

Fiyort Outdoor is an organization that has inspired fjords such as Sogne, Naeroy, Floyen, Tundra, Radoy and Kenai, which are the largest and most impressive fjords in the world.

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Istanbul, Turkey

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Norway, Oslo

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